July 7, 2019

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A Land for All unites Israelis and Palestinians with a vision for a shared and prosperous future in this country. We believe that this land, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, belongs to all of us – Israelis and Palestinians alike. We are not ashamed to think out of the box and offer a different, surprising, convention-breaking, and hopeful solution for a better future.

Our movement consists of Jews and Arabs, left-wing activists alongside settlers, and Israelis alongside Palestinians. Our mission is to mobilize the public at large, to our side, so that we can increase our influence and activity.

If you, like us, feel that it is time to get out of our political and intellectual fixations, to awaken our sense of responsibility, and to dare to build a common vision – you belong with us.

Signing up for the A Land for All Club pilot series (the movement’s Israeli branch):
After Passover and Ramadan, a series of five meetings (with option to attend in person or via Zoom) will take place. At each meeting, we will gather and delve into one of the core principles at the heart of A Land for All’s vision, together with 2+ veteran members to the movement.

Attending a one-time meeting (25-person limit per group):
There will be one-time meetings with one of the founders/veteran members in order to get to know the movement better - its history, the people, the status of the Confederation solution proposal and opportunities.

A monthly financial contribution is a way for you to express your wish for commitment and partnership. We invite you to dare to join us. There is still a long way to go but together, we can turn a dream into reality.

A monthly financial contribution can be made through the Paypal website

(Credit card payments accepted without need for a Paypal account)